Join us LIVE for the LEMURIAN LIGHT YEAR WEBINAR on June 6th, 2020 at 1 PM CDT / 11 AM PST / 8PM CET 

 The Lemurian Light Year webinar will share with you the deeper details of the Lemurian New Year cycle. The information in this webinar will allow you to clearly see the imprinting and manipulation that has taken place through the overlay of the Gregorian cycle.  

Through this webinar you will gain an understanding of how the Lemurian New Year Cycle is connected to the Truth of the Super Nature of this planet, in support of the infinite growth of humanity.  The Lemurian New Year’s cycle is fully synchronized to benefit the Earth and all who live here.  

I will share with you how the rotation of the planet can help you in a way that will benefit your life. I will show you which steps you can take to attain and/or maintain the best outcomes for your life and lives of your loved ones. As with any journey of importance, having a good road map is crucial to your success and growth as a sovereign being on this great planet. 

Once you understand how you can align to the planetary right relations you will see your universal relations in a new and different light.   

This 2-hour webinar will cover the following topics and more:  


  • When the New Year starts 
  • The CounterClockwise Rotation of the Seasons 
  • The Seasons’ Energy-In and Energy-Out (Dragon or Whale) 
  • The impact of the Clockwise Rotation of the Gregorian Seasons vs. The Lemurian 
  • Benefits of the Counterclockwise Rotation 


  • The Divine Union Balance Codes 
  • The Krystal Light Line 
  • The Astral and Magnetic Field Interference 


  • The Location of the Lemurian Light Time Zones 
  • The 12 Continental Light Zones 


  • An Opportunity to ask any questions you have about the Lemurian Light Year 

Taking the Lemurian Calendar Introduction Course is NOT a pre-requisite to join this webinar but we highly recommended it. The Lemurian Calendar Introduction Course will greatly complement and deepen your understanding of the Wisdom that will be shared during this webinar.

If you have not taken the Lemurian Calendar Course yet, we recommend you do. We offer the two products as a bundle below.

The Lemurian Light Year Webinar will take place on June 6th at 1 PM CDT / 11 AM PST / 8PM CET.  

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Waikara Home Clearing

The Waikara protocol is an extremely powerful protocol and is one of Huna Flash’s favorite protocols to use. He has cleared many homes & properties over the past 3 decades using this Powerful Protocol.
Now Huna Flash wants to share this amazing protocol with you, so you can clear your own home or the home of others, from what no longer serves the highest vibration.

In this course Huna Flash will:

  • teach you everything you need to know to do this yourself
  • give you all the tools you need and teach you to use them
  • provide you with a step-by-step protocol to clear your home safely and effectively of any and all energetic distortions.

You will learn to:

  • speak the high frequency codes
  • speak the high vibration codes
  • zero-point water allowing you to clear the previous memories from the water, while raising the level of frequency and vibrations of the water
  • install your intention into the water turning it into a powerful tool for clearing and healing

Each of these tools are powerful on their own and you can use them for a multitude of purposes, including healing for yourself, family or friends.
When these tools are combined through an effective and powerful protocol, they become the ultimate energetic clearing solution for your home.

Lemurian Calendar

This introductory course reveals the Lemurian Operating System.
The Lemurian Calendar and its frequencies, vibrations, energies and codes is a new birthing architecture. It’s a new way of entering the Earth environment with full knowledge and awareness intact.

In this course you will learn about the Star Gates, the B-earth Signs, the sectors and how they operate.
You will also learn to speak the coded light language of Lemuria and powerful transmissions of Vibrations, Frequency, Energy & Magnetics that help you clear distortions and expand your consciousness.

You will be shown a comparison between the Gregorian and Lemurian calendars and you will see the stark differences between the two. The light of days and not the legend of days, the infinite light time vs. the loop time effect.

"Ask for everything, for everyone, and as such, there will be little need for anything"

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