HOUSE OF HUNA age of lemuria five

Lemurian Seal of The Living Light 

The Seal is transformational, like the shedding of your old skin to reveal the light thats been hidden from the years of protecting yourself,

The Seal clears and purifies that which has not served you, it opens a clear and stable pathway for your journey, from a point of ancient new wisdom and the return of your eternal memory,

The memory helps to navigate the vibrations, frequencies, magnetic forces and powerful energies of nature, increasing your capacity and expanding your field to be fully recognised in the light undistorted,

It is a reset and return to the 1st light, 1st breath, 1st birth, 1st love, 1st Stone and 1st fire of the intention, naturaly releasing the hold on your ego allowing you to create and co create with others,

You can return to the True Story before it was manipulated, before confusion, This transformative process helps to rewire and deprogram what you have absorbed by those who have whispered imprints into your mind over the aeons.

As a being of living light, The Seal is a welcome home to the planet of new light, “MATEA”

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