The navigators intensive course is a highly activated curriculum for those already serving in a healing capacity, enabling you to enhance your skills and upgrade your healing modalities. 

Dramatically raise your vibrations, frequencies, energies and magnetics through a more intense connection.

The navigators intensive is not only for healers or aspiring healers. It’s a great course for anyone who wishes to purify their community, home and themselves. 

The course does not conflict with other tools or modalities. In fact the tools and knowledge in this course will align you to a deeper understanding of healing with light modalities.

Begin your journey to becoming a Healer of the 1st Light, receiving the wisdom and knowledge of healing with the modalities and medicines of 1st light. 

Operating with the Uni-Scope of many ways and the calendar of 1st light, you can be of profound service to your local community, your planetary community and your cosmic community, as a being of immense light force.
In an unprecedented action, Huna Flash aka Mauta Taki is offering access to these tools via a series of workshops both on location and online.
As a Huna he no longer proclaims to be a master. He shares with the world now the Way of the Huna, the style of lead follow lead.
The actions of the whale and the dolphin as a mode of sharing and expansion of the one in the many and the many in the one, no masters and no students. We follow eachother.

“Everything for everyone, and as such there is little need for anything”


Course Components:

“Light in the Water”

In this stage you will recieve the modalities and protocols to purify your home, community and yourself, to align your nine senses for higher service, with the use of profound tools and a language that enhances vibration, frequency and energy.

“Light in Action”

Powerful actions to enhance the activation and movement of energy for your use, light signing language and symbols that offer a fluid action to improvise where and when needed, enhancing your nine senses as an added feature.

“Light of Days”

This device aligns you to the decoding of the historic patterning and codes of the once was, by allowing one to fully rise with the responsibility of one’s own light, thereby increasing the value of one’s light to be of the highest service to the codes of and within the light.

“Light of First Fire”

This final stage aligns your breath of fire with the multidimensional access to the many pathways of the healing light, to access the profound tools of extended reach to offer liberation and release to all light captured in the memory, thereby revealing the being trapped within the self, to discovering the extended self, the expanded self, the multiverse of self, the Healer of 1st Light.

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