Welcome, all is returned to the blueprint fractal. Undistorted light, clear of cultural imprints and doctrines. This ideal exists in accordance with the divine relationship of the planet and the universe. If you are a Healer, Shaman or someone who practices the healing arts, you are looking at the next level. This upgrade will greatly enhance your current connection with the sacred universal earth alignment, internal and external star gates.

In this course you will get an activation into the advanced world of lemuria. Your memory in the light system will return to your electrical system that sparks at each location of the body’s power centers. See yourself as the starship or the canoe, pick up your paddle and start your journey. This upgrade aligns you to the benefits of the new Lemurian Operating System. Plug in and go..

The Navigators Intensive course can be taken at your leisure. you will need time to integrate it to your system.

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