Lemurian Waikara Webinar

In this course Huna Flash will teach you how to thoroughly clear your home from any unwanted and distorted energies.

You will learn the Waikara protocol, which comes from the Ancient Lemurian Wisdom.

Course Information

The Waikara protocol is an extremely powerful protocol and is one of Huna Flash’s favorite protocols to use. He has cleared many homes & properties over the past 3 decades using this Powerful Protocol.  

Now Huna Flash wants to share this amazing protocol with you, so you can clear your own home or the home of others, from what no longer serves the highest vibration.

In this course Huna Flash will:

  • teach you everything you need to know to do this yourself
  • give you all the tools you need and teach you to use them
  • provide you with a step-by-step protocol to clear your home safely and effectively of any and all energetic distortions.

 You will learn to:

  • speak the high frequency codes
  • speak the high vibration codes
  • zero-point water allowing you to clear the previous memories from the water, while raising the level of frequency and vibrations of the water
  • install your intention into the water turning it into a powerful tool for clearing and healing

Each of these tools are powerful on their own and you can use them for a multitude of purposes, including healing for yourself, family or friends.

When these tools are combined through an effective and powerful protocol, they become the ultimate energetic clearing solution for your home.

Course Instructor

Huna Flash Huna Flash Author

Waikara Home Clearing Course


GC Waikara Home Clearing Course