Lemurian Calendar Webinar

This introductory course reveals the Lemurian Operating System.
The Lemurian Calendar and its frequencies, vibrations, energies and codes is a new birthing architecture. It’s a new way of entering the Earth environment with full knowledge and awareness intact.

Course Information

In this course you will learn about the Star Gates, the B-earth Signs, the sectors and how they operate.
You will also learn to speak the coded light language of Lemuria and powerful transmissions of Vibrations, Frequency, Energy & Magnetics that help you clear distortions and expand your consciousness.
You will be shown a comparison between the Gregorian and Lemurian calendars and you will see the stark differences between the two. The light of days and not the legend of days, the infinite light time vs. the loop time effect.

Course Instructor

Huna Flash Huna Flash Author

Lemurian Calendar Course


Lemurian Calendar Course + Wall Calendar


GC Lemurian Calendar Course


GC Lemurian Calendar Course + Wall Calendar


Lemurian Calendar Introduction